Monday, April 27, 2009

the skinny...

i know i have featured monogramming in the last couple of posts but today, i thought i would share my tips on the matter. while it is my ultimate goal to one day own beautiful bedding from leontine linens, unfortunately at this point in my life, i cannot. so i tried to brainstorm how i could get a custom looking monogram but w/out breaking the bank...
here are my tips:

-take your linens (whether it be pillowcases, shower curtains, hand towels, etc.) to your local embroidery shop and start browsing....if the place only offers 10 styles of monograms, this isn't the right place

-i think it is super important to think outside of the box...stay away from any kind of monogram that you may find in a mail order catalog or on a beach tote...we are aiming for something more unique

-when selecting a monogram, the font is really important. you want to find something that is different; i went w/ a scroll b/c it seemed more old world and traditional. modern lettering is great too, just find something w/ a little edge (there are several fonts that have an asian flair that would work great)

-next, monograms with borders give a more custom appearance...for instance, adding a side detail or framing the lettering is a great way to get a custom look. you may have to add this element to the lettering.

-getting the right color is the next important step; you want to select a thread that will allow the monogram to pop...brown is always a safe go-to color. if you are feeling adventurous, add more than one color in the lettering or details. (sometimes finding the exact thread color is's better to play it safe (brown) then get a color that is slightly off)

-lastly, SIZE totally matters. my thoughts are: the bigger the better; an over sized monogram really gives a punch. for my king shams, i did a 10" monogram. the lady at the shop thought i was crazy (i think she suggested 4"). however, once she saw how they looked, she fell in love w/ them, taking pictures to add to her book.

i hope i have answered some of your questions about my pillows...i created a custom monogram for $17 per pillow. it took a little more time (i think i was in the shop for like an hour trying to figure it all out) but the results made me so happy. now it's your turn to go out and create something beautiful....

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