Wednesday, April 1, 2009

faux bamboo chippendale chair

this is a widely popular chair that has made it's way around the web a time or two...well, now the faux bamboo chippendale has landed in my house thanks to mom and dad. i have been asking mom for it for about six yrs now...saying you know when you get tired of it, i will gladly take that off of your hands. well this christmas, it magically appeared as one of my presents! and i couldn't be happier. my husband on the other hand was thinking "great, just what we need another chair". the one catch to it was it's cane seat had worn through.
at first we were going to try and replace the caning but we couldn't find any cane locally. so i suggested we pull it off and put an upholstered seat on it. i decided on chiang mai dragon for the cushion fabric. on my last trip home, i took the chair and 'Sha Ron' worked his i am just left to decide if i am painting her or not....i was thinking a chartreuse green to match a wing chair i have in the room....good thing mom is on her way here...i am putting her to work!
*image courtesy of me, jonathan adler

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