Friday, May 1, 2009

what's hiding in your garage....

today i thought i would share w/ y'all what is hiding in my garage....this little diddy (along w/ my DR table and several other pieces i have collected from various thrift stores, yard sales, etc....drives my husband crazy b/c that is his one spot in the house). i found her under a lot of "junk" at one of my secret junkin' spots....when i saw the detail on the drawers of the chest, i knew it was special.
now the chest does have one catch, it was taken from a kiawah house where she was used as a it has a hole in the top. i can't decide if i want to turn her back into a chest for my entryway; i could have a wooden top made or i could get a piece of marble cut for it. the other option would be to keep her as a vanity and used it in the 'next house' (wherever that maybe)...i would put a marble top on and maybe paint her a french blue....
so now i ask you...what treasures are lurking in your garage??

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