Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i'm back....sort of.

i think i need a map that says: you are here....please proceed back to your normal life.
does it seem like life takes awhile to jump back into once you have been gone?? we have been on the go for the past 10 days- celebrating our wedding anniversary (warren was so sweet and surprised me w/ a romantic night away), going on vacation w/ the my husband's family for a week, having two b'day parties for a certain 2 yr old, surviving a double ear infection w/ tay, and now moving onto strep throat diagnosed this AM....
i kind of feel crazy...not to mention the entire contents of my house is sitting on the LR floor waiting to be unpacked...so i'm off to find 'the real world' again. be back soon.
ps. i missed y'all...

*image courtesy of sarah kaye

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