Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the master....

kara at steel magnolia interiors asked how the progress of my master bedroom is going...so here is a sneak peek/ all i am willing to share at this point b/c it is still a work in progress. i love my headboard- me and my hubbie made her! erin shared an article from house and home and it had an exact replica of the coveted madison by lulu dk in it....so i jumped on it and was shocked at how much i love the knock off...and its on a linen background vs. an acrylic and it cost $7 (yup, $7). lulu dk is loved in my house, my DR has moondance and my kitchen has catwalk, so this fab fits right in place! i painted my walls white (ben moore AF-25 paper mache)....and it definitely makes the room look fresh and clean...its a little institutional right now b/c of the lack of color. i searched tues. mornings for about 4 months and finally found the sheets i wanted (that gladly have an accent color)....they are peacock alley and are currently getting monogrammed (more on that later). soooooo, to make a long story short- i still need lamps, art, and the power of an accent (ha)...then i will have a full reveal of my bedroom!!

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