Monday, January 5, 2009

back to life....

back to reality....i kept saying that monday was going to be a sad day- reality would set more eating yummy, high calorie food w/out caring, or drinking wonderful wines daily, shopping would come to a complete stop, and the grind of daily life would kick back in (unfortunately w/ tighter pants)....
i cannot believe that we are now in 2009 (i think i blinked and 2008 vanished)??!! i didn't make a new year's resolution (is that terrible)....but this morning i thought to myself (and maybe warren said it out loud before leaving for work) *be positive*. so i am going to start out today/2009 happy and positive and make a conscious effort be to happy in the moment i am in! i hope y'all had a wonderful holiday- i missed y'all!!
*i promise tomorrow i will return to design related posts vs. my personal life :)

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