Tuesday, August 11, 2009

before he throws them in the trash....

i have so many random photos that i have stored on the computer for this blog. last night warren was cleaning up our computer/ yelling at me about why our computer is in the state it is in- so i thought i should share some of my favorites pictures i have saved (before they get trashed by my husband)!! he just doesn't understand why i need all of these images and my response "because i love them and for future posts" *insert eye roll from the husband here*
okay so onto the pics i love above:

a) lulu dk stair runner: if i had stairs in my house, i would be putting this runner on them in a skinny second

b) i love this kitchen: it's simple but w/ the chalkboard hood cover and that ladder, it instantly transforms to perfection! and that dog is just so stinking cute!

c) ummmm, those beautiful ikat draperies and hardware have my heart melting.....i am really into simple hardware right now (i adore hardware that wraps around and doesn't have a finial)

d) upholstered console tables are just my favorite right now...i want one...i love the simple design w/ the blue linen fabric as the border.....check out these awesome ones here and here.

e) urban electric lanterns (go charleston) in this kitchen just scream beautiful to me....they are a local company that make the most amazing lights- handcrafted and they also give you the option to paint a number of their lights any BM paint color....you should totally check them out!

f) these vintage zigzag chairs from 1st dibs....need i say more?? please magically appear in my house someday....

okay, that completes this tour...i am sure i will have lots more to recuse from the trash in the near future!! on a brighter note, our new computer arrives tomorrow!!

*images courtesy of the wisteria house, house and home, shades of gray, the world according to jessica claire/architectual digest, elements of style, 1st dibs

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