Thursday, July 9, 2009

independent play....

this AM taylor decided to wake up at mom claims that she falls back asleep in their bed if she puts her to sleep w/ them. well, not the case here...taylor has NEVER fallen back to sleep in our bed. she sings, kicks her legs up and down, put her cold milk on my back, plays with my hair....get the picture. i wanted to put her in her room and let her have independent playtime. but my sweet husband was a much better parent this AM and took both tay and barron on a very early morning stroll. i awoke at 7:30 with tay handing me a jelly english muffin and my husband running around late saying "we probably have jelly all over the house"...whoops, i guess i was more tired then i realized....i never even heard them come back in!
so here are some pics inspired by what tay might have been doing, had her dad not been the better parent....
*images courtesy of ohdeedoh, cookie, country home, sarah kaye, cookie

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