Thursday, June 25, 2009

Testing new idea: featured fabric of the week

so i have decided to test out a new idea, hence, featured fabric of the might be something that interest you or it might be something that doesn't take, but let's give it a try. so often the words "to-the-trade" come off as meaning "oh, i guess i can't get that"...i thought it might be nice to create a way that the general public can obtain these designer fabrics and wall coverings at a fraction of the retail cost. i am aware that they are offered at various sites online and that you no longer have to go to a designer to order them, but i thought it might be nice during these times to extend them to you at a discounted price.... here is how it will work: i will post a feature fabric and offer it to my readers at a discounted price for one week. if you are interested in the product, i will order it for you and have it shipped to you....simple enough. if it seems like it is popular, i will continue to post popular fabrics/ wallpapers each week or so (suggestions are always welcome). okay, so without further ado, here's the first featured fab:

i decided to go w/ the ever popular KWID Imperial Trellis. it is a fabric that i continuously get emails about. although she has been around for a little while, she still appeals to so many and is such an eye catching pattern. checkout this website for colorways and pattern repeats. i am extending the discounts for the fabric and the wallpaper....
  • suggest retail price for Imperial Trellis fabric: $172 per yd, Featured Price: $102

  • suggest retail price for Imperial Trellis wallpaper: $204 per single roll, Featured Price: $120

for inquiries and orders, please email me at and remember this offer is good until the 7-2-09!! my hope is that this feature will allow all of y'all to be able to access the wonderful fabrics and wallpapers you see in all of the magazines and blogs. i know that "to-the-trade" pricing can be high and that is why, hopefully, this will help out a little....

UPDATE: i am so excited that this is going well...i wanted to let y'all know that Imperial Trellis II is also included in the look here for more colorways.

*images courtesy of decor pad, house and garden, style court

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