Thursday, March 5, 2009

bread box...

i inherited my love for antiques and vintage parents have taken me to antique stores my entire life. i spent many saturdays wondering around the huge warehouses at lakewood and scotts...unfortunately, i could have cared less at the pains me to think about it. i would kill to be able to go to lakewood now (may it rest in peace)!
for christmas and my birthday a couple of years ago, my mom and dad gave me a vintage bread box and flour tin. i adore them. i have always wanted one b/c that is where we always kept our bread growing up. i can't wait until i have a kitchen with open cabinetry where i can really show them off....but in the mean time, i'll enjoy them sitting on my counter and giving me thoughts of home.
*pics courtesy of purple area, cottage living, bluepint bliss (these aren't old but they're still cute), country living

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