Monday, December 22, 2008

the final countdown....

can you believe its the week of christmas??!! i have officially started my holiday vacation and am enjoying spending time with my family. last night, dad and i went and got/dug up a tree (yes, dug up one). we went to a christmas tree farm and my dad didn't like the idea of cutting it down, so he asked the man for a shovel and put the little guy in a bucket...after christmas, he is going to plant it in their yard next to last year's tree. he's a lot nicer to the trees then we are...kind of makes me feel bad for our "cut" down tree. i guess we will be decorating it sometime's a small guy much like these...i guess the older/wiser you get, the less you desire having a huge tree to decorate.
we have many things on our list today to tackle: wrapping presents, painting an adorable gift my dad made tay (he's so good, i can't wait to show y'all), buying some stocking stuffers, making christmas cookies...the list goes on and on...i hope y'all are enjoying time w/ your fams as well and not reading this silly blog at work...and if you are, tell your boss that working during the holidays is for losers :)

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