Thursday, October 23, 2008

PB & J + Thomas O' Brien...

Dear Mr. PB & J,
Hello, so we meet again...i just thought i would take this time to write and let you know that i am ok w/ eating you 365 days a year if i can buy things like the thomas o'brien vendome sconce and not have a guilty conscience. i am the first to admit that i have an addiction of thrift store shopping and buying "things" that i just cannot pass up even though i have no home for them. so i am making a deal w/ you...we will continue to meet everyday at 12:00 and i will eat you w/ a smile on my face...b/c after all, you allow me to feel better about myself (even though you have 16 grams of fat per serving and i go way overboard on my serving size) and you justify my need, no- i take that back, my longing desire to buy things that i just can't say no to.....
See you tomorrow (same time, same place)- pink

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